Beyond GDPR Event

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22nd November 2017 - The Beyond GDPR event held in London last month attracted well over a hundred attendees representing more than fifty channel resellers and vendors. It was standing room only as expert speakers covered the regulation itself and more practical aspects relating to legal, marketing and technology perspectives. Perhaps most importantly, the opportunity presented by the regulation to help and guide customers on their GDPR journey was made crystal clear.

Guest speakers providing compliance tips and context included The Cloud Lawyer aka Frank Jennings, cloud and GDPR legal expert from Wallace LLP, Head of Preference Services, John Mitchison from the Institute of Direct Marketing, and Jim Sneddon, certified GDPR Practitioner and cyber security expert.  The world of technology and what directly impacts, and aids regulation compliance featured Checkpoint, F5, Alienvault, Cisco and Viavi.  

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Westcon Marketing Director, John Richardson noted: “We wanted to go beyond the dry aspects of what the regulation is, and provide insight and practical advice on how partners can help their customers prepare.  Getting expert tips from those involved directly in compliance related areas, like marketing, the legal framework and how technology aids the process was invaluable.  Everybody left with a more real-world view of the regulation and what can be expected come next May.”

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IAPP Training

Westcon Academy: GDPR and IAPP Training

Westcon Academy has put additional GDPR training dates into the schedule. This training covers everything from a comprehensive, one-day introduction to the regulation, and the practical requirements organisations will need to meet, to specific IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) two-day courses meeting the needs of Data Protection Officers and those tasked with data privacy responsibilities.

The IAPP courses deliver privacy skills training in the fields of laws and regulations, operations and technology. Successful completion leads to Certified Information Privacy (CIP) Professional/Europe CIP Manager and CIP Technologist credentials.

According to Simon Fisher, Manager, Westcon-Comstor Academy, “The focus on GDPR project implementation has increased significantly, and we find that now many organisations are more familiar with the regulation they need to upskill in readiness for next May. This is true for channel partners acting as trusted advisors and their end-customers who need the detailed knowledge necessary to make the changes needed, both from a technology and non-technology perspective.”

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