Westcon-Comstor announces Videxio

One cloud: All your video solutions.


Westcon-Comstor have officially launched Videxio as one of our partners. Seamlessly connecting devices and video platforms through the cloud for videoconferencing on any device, Videxio as Vaas (GoldSeal) is an OPEX cloud-based solution that is elegant, innovative, interoperable and supported by unmatched video expertise.

What can buying Videxio through Westcon do for me?

Simple and scalable video meetings - No technical or hardware implementation is needed. Deploy and scale the service in however it suits your business.

Pay-monthly basis - Due to our GoldSeal VaaS offering, this means you can split the payment from a bulk up-front one to a more manageable monthly payment, which makes state-of-the-art video conferencing that much easier for you and your organisation.

Safe, secure calls over a trusted network - All calls are encrypted and carried through a dedicated global video network instead of the public internet. Conference PIN codes for each room, plus the "Lock my room" feature to close a room one all guests have joined add even more security.

Direct streaming & recording - Use a Videxio virtual meeting room to stream/record events with up to 50 video feeds. Audiences watch via a live stream, or recording link, in their browser or on your chosen third-party streaming platform without having to download extra software or plugins. So there's no limit to the size of audience you can reach.

Available as Video-as-a-Service - GoldSeal VaaS provides you industry-leading, feature-rich video services based on a robust Videxio cloud infrastructure, supported by world-class GoldSeal Support services.

Skype for Business Gateway-as-a-Service within Azure - Videxio uses Microsoft Azure Cloud as the platform for its new videoconferencing gateway service. The service enables users of dedicated videoconferencing devices to join Skype meetings and ensures seamless cross-platform communication in a Skype for Business environment.



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