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IP Address Management (IPAM), DNS & DHCP Made Easy!

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The largest enterprises across the globe choose BlueCat because we focus on delivering the highest enterprise value possible.

We take a fresh approach based on our deep knowledge of how today’s enterprises need to run their businesses. From our high-touch sales approach and deep discovery process to helping you manage your costs through our unique licensing model, we strive to deliver peace of mind.

Risk-Free Migration

Risk-free migration through transparent and proven implementation methodologies. You benefit from our market-tested process that gives full visibility and accountability from start to finish.

Scalable and Flexible

BlueCat is infinitely scalable and flexible. The solution grows and adapts to accommodate the demands of the business. You benefit because this eliminates the need to re-architect and re-invest each time there is a change in your network infrastructure.

Automated and Open

The solution is automated and has open architecture to support a more efficient IT environment. Your team benefits from having the flexibility to grow and adapt your network without the burden of re-architecting. Automation drives efficiency while reducing the many risks of manual processes.

Predictable Investment

Unlike other solutions, BlueCat has a predictable pricing model that supports organizational growth and new business initiatives. Our pricing model allow customers to focus on their business initiatives as opposed to being monetarily penalized for growth whether it is driven organically or through acquisitions.


BlueCat leverages the power of DNS data to increase security. BlueCat identifies and blocks suspicious and malicious behavior across your network. You benefit from improved visibility into the intent of every endpoint on your network, empowering you with better insights and abilities to protect your most mission critical systems and information.



Jo Mills

Marketing Executive, Westcon UK&I

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