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Advatel Espera integrates with Microsoft Skype for Business to provide Response Groups with real-time call waiting information. By displaying critical call information, such as number of calls waiting and level of service, agents are able to better manage how the work. This helps agents to deliver better customer service with higher productivity levels by empowering them to make informed decisions.

Standard Skype for Business Response Groups already have advanced call queuing and call waiting. Espera integrates directly with SfB to obtain call waiting and agent log-on/log-off data.


Advatel Espera


Why have Real Time calls waiting information?
Agents can decide to offer additional services politely complete the current call and move promptly to the next Enable the agent to respond accordingly, for example "I am sorry you had to wait so long – how can I assist you today?" Supervisors and managers can monitor the performance of queues from their office.

Espera Real Time is an integrated part of Microsoft Skype for Business
Espera allows you to use the powerful call routing options within the standard SfB product and get the important calls waiting information directly from SfB so avoiding the need to install an expensive separate add-on product.

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